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COVID-19 Response

here at rustic lodge, your safety is our first priority.

The following guidelines and precautions will be in place until further notice due to the mandated government regulations set in place.

Response for Private Sessions


▪ You must sign Rustic Lodge’s Facility Waiver AND Rustic Lodge’s COVID-19 Waiver prior to attending your appointment.

▪ Email us a copy or print your signed documents and bring to your appointment.

▪ If you do not, or refuse to sign, you will NOT be permitted to attend your Private Session.


Rustic Lodge’s Facility Waiver: 

Sanitizing Procedures:

▪ ALL high touch surfaces WILL be sanitized FREQUENTLY!

▪ An abundance of sanitizer will be available EVERYWHERE!

High touch surfaces WILL BE LIMITED to only those that can’t be eliminated.


Social Distancing:

  • Mandatory 6 feet distance between all people.

  • Only immediate family are permitted in for sessions at this time. Unfortunately, we cannot allow an excess amount of visitors/spectators at this time.

  • Maximum of 10 people in the facility at one time.

  • Clients will be asked to leave if they are not practicing social distancing procedures.

  • There will be a 10-minute break between all sessions to properly sanitize before the next session begins.

  • We will only be using ONE DOOR, which will be the crating door. All clients can park on the street, or behind the Copperwood Creations. 


Pool/Dock Concerns:

▪ The pool is properly chlorinated to the CDC’s guidelines, ensuring that any exposure of COVID-19 is not transmitted and is killed in the water.

▪ All railings and gates will be disinfected between each session.  
▪ Rustic Lodge pool toys will NOT be available during Private Sessions during this time. The only toys that will be allowed to be used are AR bumpers which will be sanitized directly after use.

Group Classes and Sessions:

▪ Puppy Class: If you were a participant in the Puppy Introduction class that was postponed halfway through, we will be completely restarting the class. Although we already had completed 2 out of 4 classes, we are adding 2 additional classes. We want those pups properly introduced and to rebuild their confidence.

▪ Group Sessions: Group sessions of any kind will be prohibited for the time being. We cannot allow multiple households and various groups of people in the facility at the same time due to Government Restrictions and the safe & well-being of all of our clients.


  • Instruction will be permitted.


Response for Trials

Guidelines for every event will differ and depend on the current local guidelines. We will send out emails to competitors a week prior to each trial.

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